SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is most recommended online backup. SOS Online Backup Bags PC Mag Editors Choice for 5 yrs Running & Recommended by New York Times. SOS Online Backup provides the industry’s best online backup solution for Home Users, Businesses and Resellers for nearly 10 years. SOS’s Online Backup technology solution provides continuous data protection for thousands of Home & Business users world-wide. SOS Online Backup

Features : Access Your Backed Up Files on the Web, Continuous Data Backup, Three-tiered encryption system for enhanced data security, Share Your Backed Up Files Online, Access all of your files anytime, anywhere from IPhone & Blackberry, unlimited file version.

WS_FTP Professional 12

USA: NEW! WS_FTP Professional 12 no support

FTP software is a fast and simple way to exchange information over the Internet. But with so much data constantly on the move, managing and securing sensitive information can be a challenge. Ipswitch boasts the fastest transfer speeds and highest level of reliability and security of any file transfer client on the market.Find the file transfer products that are right for you.